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Recommended Clubs


There are different types of swinger clubs that fit everyone's interests.

We, Fullmoon Sedecutions, are a social club and throw a smaller, intimate parties. The clubs below are larger clubs that we recommend if you are looking for a gathering larger than 15 cpls.

We recommend these clubs because we've visited them and they have provided us great times over the years. There are tons of other great places we just have not visited yet, but may still be a fun club for you. But do be careful, there are also many "clubs" that risk safety and discretion.  These clubs usually outnumber the legitmate clubs, so below we posted some suggestions to insure that you find fun, safe places to play in the city.

The Suite - OnPremise - When we go out, we prefer an onpremise swingers club, and there's no other luxury swingers club like the Suite in Windsor. As a matter of fact, there is no other legal on-premise swinger club in the Metro Detroit area.  The Suite is  7-miles from the bridge.  It's certainly worth the trip.

For those that have done a lot of traveling in the lifestyle, the Suite is on par with many upscale swingers clubs in the country such as the Trapeze in Atlanta and the Green Room in Las Vegas.  The reason why its difficult for us to recommend on-premise clubs in the city, is that most on-premise operate illegally without the proper residential and commercial zoning that the buildings require and without the proper licenses for guests to bring liquor (or for that matter dance).  We can without question recommend The Suite and its amazing hosts who go through extra steps to insure your comfortability and safety.



Wild Walkers - Off premise bar - wonderful atmosphere, friendly staffed, events are swinger ran.
Events Every weekend

Detroit Hotel Parties On Premise Party - The one of the best monthly hotel party we've been to.  Very wonderful hosts, and comfortable for new and old swingers

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Swing Clubs We do Not Recommend

There are many swing clubs and parties whose owners and management hurt the safety of their guests.  After realizing that we did not want to spend advertising to such clubs, we decided to instead warn our members of behaviors they should watch out for and avoid. A majority of the swinger clubs in the city activate within the legal rights of the law, however, there are a few that skirt the law and endanger your lives.  Please take note if you see any of the following.  Whereas we will not tell anyone where to and not play, we do caution that you watchout for yourselves and be careful of the establishments you venture.

Promises of Sex: No club owner can promise sex at their facility.  Any promises of sex constitutes as prostitution.  All a club facility can provide is a nice and sexy atmosphere to meet other couples and single females, invite real swinger and provide nice, clean, cozy play areas.

Too much money: Most on-premise swing clubs operate off a donation, and for the most part, that donation is kept honesty as all of it should go to either running the party or future upkeep. In the midwest, your average swingclub should run you between 40 to 80 dollars, at most $100.  A house party should be majority free with the exception of large scale houses, which should require no more than a 20 to 40 dollar donation.  Hotel parties are usually between the $20 and $30 range.  Of course these are all couple prices, single female prices should be significantly less.  When the cost of a club is extrodinarily high, somethings wrong. Either there's a significant profit margin being made, or/and the club owner is sending messages that your donation promises something other than being at a place with others.

Serving Alcohol: Anytype of open liquor provided by a host of an onpremise party without a liquor license is illegal, and have led to a majority of the swing clubs we have seen being shut down.

Drugs: This should be a given. If you smell weed at a party leave for your own safety. This has been the number 2 reason why we have seen swingers and clubs in trouble.  Drugs and swinging just don't mix. They can lead to erratic behavior that harms you and people around you.

Anything that requires a license: Be weary of clubs that offer any type of entertainment that requires a license such as stripping, alcohol or large scale buffets.  When resevering, ask if the club has a license These small things are the types of things that exposes the discreetness of a club to law enforcement.  If the police will bust an art party for not having licenses they will definately bust an alleged swingers club.

Too many Single Men: There's a thin line between inviting single men to a party and encouraging prostitution.  In the eyes of law enforcement the line is thinner. Ask clubs if they have a single men policy and ask what is the price and ratio for single men.  If the price is double of what you are paying be leary, if the ration seems high be even more leary.

Paying for a House Party: Anytime you are asked to pay any amount of money at a house party, be cautious.  We have played in some wonderful homes and mansions, and the donation was more than justified. No one can put a pricetag on what you are wiling to pay for fun, but a house party that operates on a regular basis can raise flags with local law enforcement and neighbors. 

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Swinging Info.. what is it (Courtesy of Clubmeet4more)

In the context of swinging, "couples" need not be married. They should, however, have at least a little history together and familiarity with each others' emotional needs, and be comfortable approaching others as a "couple." The general rule of thumb is that swinging works best when couples view swinging as an enhancement to their existing sexual relationship, rather than as a replacement for a failing one. As one would expect, good communication is critical in any attempt at swinging as a couple. There are many, many different forms that swinging may take, and whichever one you choose is fine as long as you and your partner are clear about what you are doing and why. Sex has the potential to be an emotionally charged area, and the pleasures that may be found in swinging can generally be reached only when both partners are sensitive to each others' needs, and put their partner's comfort first. From a more pragmatic point of view, there will always be another party, another personal ad, another dance, another convention; there may not be another chance to salvage an exploration into swinging if one partner becomes overwhelmed in "the garden of delights" and forgets to treat his or her primary partner with sensitivity and respect. It's important to keep in mind that swinging is primarily a SOCIAL activity.

The ordinary social customs of meeting people and initiating a conversation are really not that different than at any other type of social gathering, and the process by which acquaintances become close friends is not that different either. The key social traits that tend to be appreciated in the swinging community are responsibility, friendliness, flirtatiousness, open-mindedness, and most importantly stability with regard to one's primary relationship. As is the case with almost all human social endeavors, if you already know people in a particular community you'll probably be happier if you attend your first few events with these people so they can introduce you to others. Waiting a little while and watching how others behave is also a good idea, as it is in almost any new social situation. Common courtesy, of course, is as welcomed in the swinging community as it is in any other community; After all, we're just human.

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