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Rendezvous Rules

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Our goal is to provide a safe, friendly and sensual hotel swinger event where swingers can meet other swingers.  We do not imply or guarantee that you will experience an erotic encounter by attending our events, as this is by mutual consent only.  If you have questions before attending an event, feel free to give us email us at, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . We always like to stress that we are just regular folk who like to throw occasional swinger functions. We list these rules to teach newbies the kind of swinger etiquette we've had over the years.

We strongly enforce "No Means No" policy strictly enforced - This includes asking FIRST before touching, and respect those who are not interested.

- All guests must be 21+.

- Come with the mindset that you are "hoping" to play that evening.  Going to an event positive and looking forward to a night of bliss will insure that you will have a fantastic time.

- Dress with class and style.  Treat going to a swinger club like going on a date. No gym shoes.

- No illegal drugs of any kind are allowed.  We are 420 Sympathizers but NOT 420 Friendly.

- Drunk and obnoxious behavior will not be tolerated. Drinking to relax is normal, getting sloppy drunk to play is not.

- Respect the intimacy of play environments.  There is NO loud talking, cheering, commentating, gawking, joking and disruptive behavior in play areas. Maintain a soft whisper when others are playing. In non-play areas, maintain the sexy atmosphere created.  (no sports, no religion, no politics).

- Do not bring cell phone calls, cameras and smoking into play areas. Please be respectful of others privacy and fun. There is no photography or videotaping of any kind.

- Our members like to remain anonomous.  Single Females in particular, attend our events to find no strings attached intimacy in a romantic, sexual atmosphere. They are not looking to be the girlfriend of a couple or for "strings" . Please do not ask for personal information such as phone numbers or emails unless approached.

- Respect your partner. The lifestyle is a hobby.  It can enhance your marriage but it will not save it. All guests whom arrive with a partner must leave with that partner.

.ber, the great thing about swinging is that it is safe, legal and a great adventure for consensual adults. The constitution protects our right to assemble how we choose, so long as no illegal activity is taking place.

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